025 Lost Dreams & Goal Setting


Title: Lost Dreams & Goal Setting

Host: Kimberly Design Love

Key Takeaways:
1. Reflection on Dreams: Sometimes, we forget our dreams amidst the demands of daily life. Taking moments to reflect and reassess can unveil forgotten aspirations.

2. Walking as a Catalyst: The act of walking, as experienced by the host, can serve as a catalyst for memory and introspection. Simple activities like walking can spark profound revelations.

3. Living the Present Dream: Amidst the reflections, the host discovered that her dream of living near the beach, once considered a distant retirement plan, became a reality due to unforeseen circumstances and a shift in mindset.

4. Persistence Pays Off: Goals, especially dream goals, may take time to materialize. Persistence, a shift in perspective, and adapting to changing circumstances can pave the way to achieving seemingly distant dreams.

5. The Dreamer’s Guide to Goal Setting Planner: Kimberly introduced a new project close to her heart. This planner is designed to help you navigate the steps toward achieving your dream goals.

6. Feedback and Connection: Kimberly encourages listeners to share their thoughts, correct any mistakes, or seek further insights on goal-setting through a dedicated reply button, fostering a sense of community and connection.

7. Appreciating the Journey: The episode concludes with a reminder to appreciate the journey. Celebrating achieved dreams and acknowledging the ongoing, beautiful work of art that is one’s life encourages a positive and grateful mindset.


🚀 **Resources:**

🎯 Get started with your goal-setting journey today with “The Dreamer’s Guide to Goal Setting.” navigating the often-overcomplicated process.

024 Unearthing Your One Thing


Title: Unearthing The One Thing

Host: Kimberly Design Love

Key Takeaways:
🚀 Discover the power of finding your “One Thing” — that singular purpose that propels your life forward.

📖 Gain insights from thought leaders, exploring wisdom from books like “The One Thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. 

Ikegai: The Japanese Secret to a Long & Happy Life by Héctor García and Francesc Miralles

🎬 Relate the quest for purpose to the classic movie City Slickers, unraveling the layers of meaning in life’s adventures.

🎯 Simplify your approach to goal setting with “The Dreamer’s Guide to Goal Setting.” navigating the often-overcomplicated process.

🤠 Explore life’s missions and the ultimate purpose, drawing parallels to the Japanese concept of Ikigai.

💭 Reflect on the Cowboy’s Secret from City Slickers, unveiling the importance of aligning passion, talent, vocation, and societal need.

🚀 **Resources:**
Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and goal setting with Preliminary Dreamer’s Guide to Goal Setting (Free gift from Kimberly)

Let’s unearth the magic of finding and living your “One Thing.”

The One Thing by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan

Ikegai: The Japanese Secret to a Long & Happy Life by Héctor García and Francesc Miralles

City Slickers DVD on Amazon 


Kimberly’s Gift:

Preliminary Dreamer’s Guide to Goal Setting


023 What to Do After a Brush with Death


Title: What to Do After a Brush with Death

Host: Kimberly Design Love

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the transformative power of facing life’s brevity.
  • Seneca’s wisdom: rehearsing death as a means to freedom.
  • Laughter in a high school theater class and the lesson of living fully.
  • Reflection on life’s preciousness
  • Linda Ellis’ poignant poem “The Dash” and its impact on reevaluating life.


Preliminary Dreamer’s Guide to Goal Setting

022 A Journey to the Past and The Future


Podcast Episode Title: 022 A Journey into the Past and Future

In Episode 22 of “Design a Business You Love,” join host Kimberly Design Love on a reflective journey through the streets of Kansas City, unlocking memories and invaluable lessons from the past. We explored how revisiting familiar places can shed light on personal growth and change, and how nostalgia can fuel creativity. You’ll also discover practical tips for incorporating reflective practices into your daily routine. Whether you’re an artist, writer, or entrepreneur, join me in uncovering the power of storytelling and the transformative potential of embracing your past.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Exploring the intersection of how your past shapes your future
  2. Dream Big – Design BIG
  3. Saving What’s Important


021 Vacations and Downtime Help Us Recharge


How Vacations & Downtime Helps Us Recharge Our Creative Batteries!

 In our latest episode, we delve into the art of downtime and why it’s crucial for artists, writers, and entrepreneurs. Discover the power of delegation, automation, and even remote podcasting to keep your creative juices flowing, even while on vacation. Join us as we explore the transformative benefits of taking a step back, and return to your work with newfound energy and inspiration. Tune in now and design the extraordinary artistic journey you deserve! 🚀 #CreativeRejuvenation #ArtisticJourney #PodcastInspiration”


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020 How to Design a Business Around Your Lifestyle


Podcast Episode Title: 020 Designing a Business Around Your Lifestyle

In Episode 20 of “Design a Business You Love,” we embark on a journey to harmonize your creative aspirations with the demands of your busy lifestyle. Discover how to mold a business that seamlessly integrates with your artistic vision. Host, Kimberly Design Love, explores the essential steps to turn your creative dreams into a thriving reality.

Key Takeaways:

1. Finding Your Creative Calling 
   – Delve into your passions and envision the impact you want to make through your art. Shape a business that aligns with your artistic journey.

 2. An Artist’s Journey: Discovering Her Creative Calling
   – Meet Lydia, a closet artist who found her calling amidst the demands of her accounting career. Learn how a chance encounter with an art fair sparked a transformation.

3. Crafting Your Creative Idea
   – Translate your creative vision into a unique business idea that resonates with your desired lifestyle.

 4.  Research AKA Study & Survey
   – Dive into the importance of understanding your audience’s preferences and needs. Learn how Lydia tailors her artwork based on their audience’s feedback.

 5. Designing a Roadmap: Lydia’s Business Plans:
   – how Lydia outlines their business plans, sets clear goals, identifies target audiences, and strategizes for financial and marketing aspects.


6. Automation Systems
   – Transition from being a sole creator to a visionary curator. Streamline routine tasks, and create efficient systems


7 Action Steps for You 


Design Your Lifestyle