Hey there Lifestyle Designers,

Guess what? This is the last episode of the Design Your Lifestyle podcast.

But don’t worry, I’m not disappearing into the sunset. I’m rebranding and relaunching with a brand new podcast called, Design a business you love, work anywhere. Strategies for artists, authors, and entrepreneurs. Why the change? Well, as much as I love talking about lifestyle design, I’ve realized it’s just too broad of a topic to cover in one podcast.

So I’m going to zoom in on lifestyle businesses that you can run from practically anywhere, specifically for artists, authors, and entrepreneurs like you. We’re gonna dive deep and really shine a spotlight on you and the business of art authorship and entrepreneurship. We we’re gonna talk about digital nomads and how to run your business from a beach in Florida, or a cafe in Paris.

And of course, we’re gonna tackle the roadblocks and the mindset issues that come up along the way. So keep an eye out for the new artwork popping up on your favorite podcast player. And if you’re already subscribed, there’s no need to do anything except sit back, relax, and get ready for more fun and insightful episodes to come.

Hope over to Design a Business You Love to learn more.

Design Your Lifestyle