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5 Ways To Design Your Personality

Have you ever wanted to be someone else or change your personality? Here are 5 Ways To design your personality. Personality is what makes you a unique human being. It encompasses the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and while you may like all aspects of your...

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Dream Big When Launching Big Lofty Ideas

The first step in designing a life and business you love is easy, yet many people attempt to skip it and jump right into building websites and trying to make money. Before you get bogged down in thinking about websites, storefronts, traffic, landing pages, ads, etc.,...

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Design Your Life and Business Book

What If You Could Design a Life and Business You Love?  I just published my new book, Design Your Life and Business. I wrote this book for the young and young-at-heart women business owners who have started a business, or the gal who is dreaming of starting a...

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Designing Your Life: A Palette of Choices

An important step to designing your life is acknowledging and understanding the choices you have in your life, being willing to make the most of those choices, and leveraging the choices you have to select the best path forward for yourself. Life is not something that...

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Reinvent Yourself with New Coping Skills

Reinvent Yourself with New Coping Skills Are you wondering how you can reinvent yourself? Consider for a minute how much of your life is affected by stress. It’s possible to get so entrenched in fighting fires and lurching from disaster to disaster that we become...

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Woman’s Guide to Designing Her Life

We all want to be the best version of ourselves as we can be. This takes time, self-reflection, diligence, and willpower. You have to take great care in designing your life and yourself. This woman’s guide to designing her life is a process that can be even more challenging for women, as we tend to struggle in putting ourselves first and taking time for ourselves.

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5 Key Reasons To Design Your Lifestyle

5 Key Reasons To Design Your Lifestyle the Way You Really Want    By making the choice to design the life you really want, versus letting life just happen to you, you will experience some crucial benefits. Taking control of your life and going after the things that...

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Design Your Life By Your Own Design

Can You Design Your Life By Your Own Design?   Lifestyle Design offers us a unique opportunity to care for and make ourselves a priority. This feeling of being lost can be driven by some factors ranging from not working in the “right” career to making the wrong...

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Why Should You Design Your Lifestyle?

Are you wondering why you should design your lifestyle? I had the most amazing walk today. I saw two alligators and a scarlet tanager apparently they migrate through Florida in October.I learned this from a bird watcher, who was happy to share his lovely discovery...

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How to Turn Dreams into Plans

How to Turn Dreams Into Plans Are you struggling with how to turn dreams into plans?  It can be difficult to watch the lack of progress of so many promising entrepreneurs. They’ve dreamed for so long about creating a solid, sustainable business, and yet, all they do...

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“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Walt Disney          

Hello, I’m Kimberly “Design” Love and I help people, like you start a lifestyle business they love.

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