Looking for a lifestyle design strategy that will get you out of a rut? As a parent to five children and a grandparent to one, I have seen the curiosity of children in action. Sometimes this curiosity can lead them to danger but often it leads them to the perpetual question, WHY? Why is the sky blue? Why do we have rainbows? Why can’t I tie my little sister up in a blanket? Why? 

As grown adults, we lose our curiosity and we begin to stop asking questions and settle into a state of accepting the world as it is instead of how it can be. 

If you are looking for a lifestyle design strategy to design a new life for yourself, it can sometimes be difficult to think outside the box and imagine a reality that is completely new and different. By learning to approach the design process and your life with curiosity, you can build the life you want, even if it’s one you cannot currently imagine.

Stay Curious My Friends

The design principles used to create your best life include examination and experimentation of goals, possible futures, and pathways to success. Design is a complex process that can help you navigate the uncertainties of your life, but it helps when your mind is open to many different possibilities in order to find possible solutions.

Designing your life involves imagining multiple prototypes for your future, and you can use your curiosity to help you imagine those possibilities. Developing a stance of curiosity can also help you navigate the obstacles and uncertainties in life and assist you in developing perseverance in all you do.

Developing Your Curiosity

Developing a mindset of curiosity can help you imagine new possibilities for your life. Being curious means, you ask questions instead of making judgments. When you are curious, you can invite exploration into your life, which allows for many new perspectives.

Lifestyle Design Strategy for Developing a Curiosity Mindset

1. Talk to Others. You can get some of the best ideas just from listening to other people. Design can be a team effort and should include perspectives from others who know you as well as your own insights. If you’re interested in doing something, talk with people in that field or area.

If you are new to the design process, seek out someone you admire who has been engaged in the process longer than you. Ask lots of questions of many people, and you’ll be amazed at what you learn from others’ experiences.

2. Stay Curious. Instead of assuming things or making judgments, ask questions. Even when you think you already know the answer, or that the answer may be simple or mundane, ask anyway. Adopt a stance of curiosity, and you will soon realize just how little you actually know. Asking questions helps you remain engaged, shows others you are interested, and can lead to even more questions and curiosities for you later on.

3. Try Out New Things. When you are designing your life, it’s important to try some things out. The prototyping process gives you feedback that can help inform your choices, but you can’t prototype without some experiences.

Get Out There and Try Something New

Try some things you’ve never done before or even something that’s always scared you a little. The benefit of the design process is you gather a lot of information before you make any choices, so be sure you get lots of helpful experiences in before you select your prototype.

4. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone. It’s effortless to stick with things you already know or understand but stepping out of this safe area is a way to inspire your creativity and ask more questions about the world.

Get into the habit of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, which will place you in a position where you need to ask questions and be curious to understand what is going on. 

Be Curious

Being curious can promote innovation and creativity in your design process. It will force you to ask how to improve things and to question your assumptions that have led you to this point in life. By cultivating this Lifestyle Design Strategy of curiosity, you will strengthen the design process and imagine a better future for yourself.


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