How to Use a Moodboard to Get Inspiration
When you start on a new project, you can often find yourself getting stuck before you even manage to get started. It’s like a type of writers’ block, except it affects every kind of project – from website designs to wedding planning to interior design.
The problem is getting that initial spark that will subsequently lead to all the other ideas coming through like an avalanche. It’s about going from nothing to something and pulling that something effectively out of ‘thin air’.
But designers and artists who do this sort of thing for a living need a way to reliably overcome this problem on a consistent basis. One tool they use to this end is the ‘moodboard’. Let’s take a look at what that is and how it can help you.
What is a moodboard?
Essentially, a moodboard is a type of collage. This means you’ll be taking different images and arranging them on a single page. They can be cuttings, or they can be snapshots taken from websites. The idea is to find everything that’s related to the topic or thing you’re trying to create.
So, if you were making a website for a fitness company, you might create your collage using screenshots of other fitness company websites, imagery related to fitness that could inspire a logo, inspirational photos of people working out, etc. Collect as many things that inspire you as possible, and from there, you should have a single page full of inspiration.
Why moodboards are so effective
When you’re looking for an abstract direction for a design or project that you can’t quite put into words, moodboards offer the perfect solution. When you have all these things arranged on a single page, you should start to notice that common themes and ideas start to emerge. This, in turn, should allow you to start getting a feel for the direction that you want to take for your site.
You aren’t copying the imagery you’ve taken. Instead, you’re combining it into something unique but inspired by the best examples in your niche.
This actually corresponds nicely with the way we know that creativity works, by combining existing ideas to create something new. If you can take all your inspiration and put it in one place, you should find that ideas start flowing and you overcome that creative block!

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