I have a tendency to start multiple projects at the same time.  Running multiple profit centers is a lot like spinning the plates show at Epcot’s China.

When I worked as a department head at a local college, I had several people that I could assign tasks to or at least ask their opinion or a quick question if I got stuck.  As an entrepreneur, I find myself wishing my chihuahua, Mikey Love would offer more help or at least some input.

“What do you think of this buddy?”chihuahua

No response or a simple head tilt.

Begin thinking of yourself as a “multi-prenuer” who is building multiple streams of income. Each of these streams is like the plates shown in the video, you get one spinning and you start another one. One plate may be your full-time position, another plate may be real estate, and another plate might be a book that you have written.  You want some plates that can spin without you having to do too much.
As a web designer, one must juggle multiple tasks but there are lulls when you are waiting for the next phase. During these times, I can start on another client’s project or one of my own pet projects.
Something that I have started doing to help me keep track of where I stand on a project is to use a simple folder with a checklist of items to be accomplished. Where I have stopping points, I can take a red pen or pink highlighter and draw a line across. These are places where I am waiting for content or feedback from a client.
I am very green and hate to waste paper so I keep a lot of notes on Evernote but I like having these folders because it’s also where I keep hard copy of the client agreement. Sometimes I need the paper folder to keep me on track.
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