Even if you are the most gracious, understanding and open-minded human being, there will undeniably be times that you are criticized in ignorance. It is important to remember, throughout your life, that everyone you deal with is a human being, and as human beings, we are far from perfect.

There are these underlying human characteristics that can pop up from time to time, and it is important to remember these when receiving criticism. Some people have very limited points of view, which are based on limited life experiences. Some people have a lot of pride. Some people have had experiences in their life that made them extremely cautious.

If you are very passionate about what you do, then at some point or another, you will probably meet people who are potentially jealous of what you have accomplished. Maybe you will meet people who will resent you for the work that you do. Maybe you will meet someone who comes from a different background than you and will judge your work accordingly.

Take your family for example. Let’s say you have a very successful job in the corporate world. You make very good money, you can support your family just fine, but there is something missing for you. You want more out of life, you want to have a bigger impact on others and you want more financial freedom. So you quit your job and you join the world of entrepreneurship or direct sales. What kinds of criticism do you think you will get from your family? How about from your friends? From the people at your church? Probably not the most positive-sounding criticism.

But think about how that criticism can actually benefit you. These people will most likely share the worst things that can happen by you making this change. This will allow you to weigh all the risks involved. These people will tell you that you’re not good enough for this kind of venture. This will give you incredible self-confidence, because you wouldn’t take a risk if you didn’t fully believe in your abilities.

What you have to remember is that when it comes down to it, if you have a passion for what you do, you have to find the positive in every criticism. No matter where the criticism comes from or why you are receiving it, there is always a positive. Ultimately, criticism is what will help you do better in your career and in your life.

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